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Glo offer professional IT services at speeds that they feel all businesses should always demand. Glo have honed their processes and procedures over the past 12 years to offer industry leading, efficient and effective support and assistance to businesses.

Glo supply robust & reliable IT solutions to businesses across Wales and the UK.



The brief was to design, develop and implement a new website design based on a Wordpress CMS that is responsive (mobile friendly), appealing in design, has bespoke functions and optmised in terms of usability and search engine optimisation.

The new website design was commissioned to bring the website up to date in comparison to the current market. Being optimised, easy to edit, mobile friendly and a fully responsive design was a must have as part of the brief.

Services Provided

- Website Design

- Website Development

- Wordpress CMS


- Full responsive (mobile friendly) design

- Comprehensive page editor

- Product manuals & datasheets

- Search engine optimised

- Bespoke WordPress modifications

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