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Thule Media are pioneers in the world of online marketing

We know that is a very bold statement to hear. But you judge for yourself, find a few interesting things about Thule Media below;

1. Probably the FIRST ever company to perform search engine optimisation in anger.

Ministry Of Defence Search Engine Optimisation

Back in 1995/6 our co-founder and MD Carl Spencer was invited to audit a piece of software deployed by the Ministry of Defence for evaluating bids for large scale research and development projects involving hundreds of millions of pounds. As one of only 4 representatives from the entire UK defence industry Carl was then a highly sought after employee within British Aerospace and, later as a freelance consultant helping defence companies write bids to "beat" the software. This being highly advanced optimisation aimed at an advanced search engine working with un-published rules. The largest of these bids being valued at $1.5Bn [yes billion!]

2. The Application of Multivariate Testing & Taguchi Methods for Online Marketing

Our co-founder and MD Carl Spencer holds the claim to be the first person ever in the UK to operate a large scale Taguchi experiment. Again, working with British Aerospace Carl first managed an experiment back in 1988 and valued at £200,000 into the improvement of the production process of a strategic piece of equipment used by both the British and US armies. Carl then went on to assist in 2 other experiments led by other BAE factories before then operating the probably the first ever large scale experiment applied in the UK to a research and development project as part of his thesis this being entitled "Design Optimisation and the Application of Taguchi Methods in Shaped Charged Warheads."

Carl Spencer Multi-Variate Conversion Thesis

25 years on Taguchi and multivariate testing has become the latest tool in optimising your website to convert existing traffic into more business.

Read more on how multivariate testing and Taguchi methods can be applied to the optimisation of your website.

3. First Independent Agency to have Researched the Online Presence of 1.7M UK Businesses

We were the first and probably the only company to have comprehensively researched the internet presence of over 1.7M UK businesses during the UK Online for Business era on behalf of over 20 government agencies.

4. First company in the UK to offer a Brand Monitoring Solution (Based on web crawler technology)

Our brand monitoring solution Yalert. This software was first deployed on behalf of clients during 2005 after development by Carl whilst on a years sabbatical from the business working at Lancaster University at Infolab21.


5. SEO Support to 500+ Websites

Over the years and in part due to having supplied SEO support services to other web design and marketing agencies we have optimised over 500 websites.

Why Choose Thule Media?

You do NOT have to be a 'Rocket Scientist' but it's always helpful to know one!

Dedicated Online Marketing Specialists

Thule Media are a small team of engineers, mathematicians, marketeers and programmers, who have a wealth of experience in online marketing, search engine optimisation, website development, website design, conversion rate optimisation, content optimisation, Google Adwords and data analysis. The team is lead by our co-founder and MD Carl Spencer (the 'Rocket Scientist').

Humble Surroundings

Leeds and Liverppol Canal Chorley

We are based in Chorley in the heart of Lancashire, our offices are situated next to the Leeds and Liverpool canal. All our staff are local to Chorley and surrounding areas, we believe Chorley is an ideal location as it's situated in between Preston, Wigan, Bolton and Blackburn.

Straight Forward, Reliable, Cost Effective Solutions

At Thule Media we not only provide specialist online marketing services to clients in Lancashire and across the UK, we provide online marketing and digital solutions to business across the UK. Our philosophy is to provide a forward thinking, honest, reliable, cost effective online marketing service in the form of website design, website development, search engine optimisation, data handling, social media advertising, pay per click management and bespoke software development.

15+ Years Of Digital Skills, Knowledge and Experience

We take real pride in the fact we have been providing successful online marketing services to clients across the UK for over 15 years. We have a large portfolio of clients, large number of great testimonials, lots of fantastic case studies and real online marketing knowledge.

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