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Penalty Recovery & SEO


As part of a wider project for PAL Hire involving the recovery of a group of sites from Google penalties caused by a regular marketing agency with a dangerous amount of web and SEO knowledge adopting unethical SEO techniques over a long period of time we were forced to explore the achievement of high levels of conversion.

This was required in order to demonstrate to Google that the sites were worthy of having the penalty removed and re-ranking at competitive level.

Perfect Associates Ltd


Increase in Conversion Rate using with new mobile responsive design.


Using a combination of conversion techniques involving both A/B testing and multivariate analysis we were able test different graphics, calls to action and colour schemes to great effect.

Deployed across six sites but with Top Toilets being the key test bed we were able to refine our findings and trial with greater effect on the Top Toilets site, conversion rates varied across parts of the site and measurement of this was built into the design and structure of the site from the outset.


To great satisfaction of the client we were able to deliver a more than two-fold increase in conversions across all sites involved and in particular the conversion rate for the Top Toilets site was increased from 6.07% to 12.58% over a six month period. This representing a 107% increase in conversion from the previous site.

Over the course of six months this delivered a penalty removal and improved ranking to the extent that the average ranking for toilet hire in most UK town locations was within the top 10 i.e. front page of Google.


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