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Penalty Recovery & SEO


PAL Hire operate a number of websites in the local equipment hire market which had been built by a typical marketing agency with a dangerous amount of knowledge of web development and SEO. The SEO strategy had then been taken to the extreme and consequently all sites were penalised by Google for a variety of reasons including all the obvious penalties such as; Panda (abuse of content), Penguin (abuse of links), Phanteguin (abuse of a network of sites).Then, to add fuel to the flames, the sites were operating old WordPress installations and had been hacked to the extent that they were emitting spam emails which had been picked up by Google and the IP address of the server blocked. Quite simply the situation was a complete mess and as experts in this field of business we were appointed by their financial investors to clean up the situation and reinstate the sites back in Google.

PAL Hire


Increase in conversion rate using a variety of design enhancements.


Based on prior experience in this area a detailed plan was constructed for six sites involving six months of rebuild and recovery work and a further six months support work to re-instate the sites back in Google. As part of the recovery plan we also felt that it was paramount to demonstrate to Google that the sites offered a value added service and thus improved conversion rates were key to the overall plan. In order to deliver a fully optimised and secure solution that would withstand future hacking attempts and a mobile responsive design that would operate on all mobile devices our own tried and tested CMS was the only option.


All of the six new websites immediately delivered a more than two fold improvement in conversion rates and over the first six months of deployment, organic rankings were fully re-instated Moreover, over the first six months the entire project had cost less than the equivalent value of paid advertising via Google Adwords.


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