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Thule Media inherited the management of the Quill Pinpoint website at short notice after a local marketing agency went into administration and, after a few weeks we brought it to Quill’s attention that despite its look and feel the website did not rank well in Google due to a complete lack of optimisation. After proving this at a very basic level spanning a handful of keywords we were challenged with expanding the optimisation and rebuilding the website with SEO in mind from the ground up.

Quill Pinpoint


Organic traffic more than doubles by optimisation of content and architecture.


After researching past keywords deriving traffic via Google Analytics and Google Adwords together with those used by competitors and other Google suggestions we compiled a list of several thousand potential keywords and checked the ranking for which the website only ranked well for less than 5% of keywords and generally for those that would be considered long-tail.After further analysis and dialogue with the client we identified a shortlist of 20% of keywords that were core to the business and made a plan to optimise the website from the ground up with high quality content and supporting news and social media for the same keywords.

Given the scale of the project and the missing content the project took a full year to implement involving five months of website redesign together with optimisation of the site architecture and preparation of content for 20% of that which was considered to be missing with the remainder deployed over the remainder of the year. At no point were any black hat SEO methods or other off-site influences deployed.


The new website immediately delivered an improvement in rankings and traffic and following the full deployment of the remainder of the content for the website together with on-site optimisation the whole project delivered a 1400% increase in web traffic together with a corresponding increase in web enquiries.


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