Are You Prepared For The Pending Penguin Update?

The next Google Penguin update is coming soon, according to Google.

Are you prepared for the next Google Penguin instalment? For all of those website owners and online businesses who have been hit by a Penguin penalty (last one in December 2014), now you have the chance to recover lost traffic. However if you have not cleaned up your link profile, you must do so NOW.

It has been suggested that this new Google Penguin update should be a real-time version, this means when Google detects spammy links, websites may be penalised immediately and when spammy links are removed, websites may see an immediate recovery.

Have you experienced a Google Penguin penalty?

A few simple questions to ask yourself to identify if your website has experienced a Google Penguin penalty in the past:

- Have you experienced a loss of organic search engine rankings across the board?

- Have you seen a sharp decline in search engine traffic (particularly in 2013/2014)?

- Have your online enquires practically dried up?

If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, we advise getting in touch with Thule Media. We can analyse, identify and if necessary recover your search engine traffic, search engine rankings and/or conversions. We are the experts when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation), Google penalty recovery services and conversion rate optimisation.

Google Penguin Penalty Update

For more information regarding the Google Penguin penalty on the horizon please go to:

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