Working with Magento 2

Having trouble with Magento 2? Considering upgrading to Magento 2? Looking for Magento 2 development specialists? Thule Media can help!

Magento 2, the next generation in ecommerce software has been released this year and Thule Media are proud to offer Magento 2 upgrades, design services, development services and optimisation services to customers across the UK.

In our opinion just like the original Magento, the Magento 2 revamp is a serious piece of ecommerce software, but unlike Magento 1 it is slick, quick and efficient.

As Magento 2 is still very new, you may be aware that many in the industry are struggling to get to grips with the Magento 2 software and are limited in what they can offer. However at Thule Media we can provide a range of Magento 2 services that have been tried and tested, we consider ourselves to be well versed it all aspects of Magento 2 and can supply you with a very powerful Magento 2 ecommerce platform in no time.

Magento2 Benefits

Please find a selection of benefits of switching or upgrading to Magento 2.0

- Full page caching

- Faster page response (both frontend and backend)

- HTML 5 enhancements

- New user friendly dashboard

- Easier Maintenance & Upgrades

- Enhanced security features

- Engaging shopping experience

Magento2 Development Services UK

Why Thule Media?

Years of experience in software development, ecommerce development, Magento development and search engine optimisation (we even started life by building Search Engines of our own.

Thule Media have a wealth of experience in software development, working with multiple hosting platforms, working with multiple ecommerce solutions, working with Magento1 and Magento2. We have overcome many hurdles with Magento 2 that many are struggling with, if you are looking for trusted Magento 2 solutions, we should be your first choice.

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