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Google to sunset Expanded Text Ads 2022

This is seen as Google's way of pushing automation through their ad products. Beginning in July 2022, advertisers will no longer be able to create new ETAs or edit existing ETAs in Google Ads according to an announcement by Sylvanus Bent, Product Manager, Google Ads . “Your existing expanded text ads will ...

Google now limits one ClaimReview element per page

Google has updated its technical guidelines for Fact Check structured data saying that a page must only have one ClaimReview element and that multiple fact checks per page is no longer allowed. Need help? Want to know more about successful digital marketing? Thule Media have been creating successful digital marketing campaigns and website ...

Google Passage Indexing US/English

Google rolled out so-called "passage indexing" (which is probably closer to passage ranking) for US/English queries. While we measured two days of moderate rankings flux, it was unclear exactly how the update impacted SERPs. Google initially estimated this update would impact 7% of queries. If your rankings changed in the past ...

Google December 2020 Core Update

Google announced a Core Update that appeared to roll out quickly, with the bulk of the impact hitting on December 3rd. MozCast hit 112°F, on par with the March 2020 Core Update and August 2018 "Medic" Update. Some sites reported reversals a few days later, but this seems to have ...

Google Indexing Bug, Pt. 2

Google claimed that the bulk of the indexing and canonicalization bug(s) had been fixed by around October 14th. MozCast measured a drop in indexed pages and a temperature of 104°F around October 12th, with temperatures in the 90s lasting for a few days after. Is Google still working on the fix? Read ...

Google Indexing Bug, Pt. 1

Google confirmed an indexing and canonicalization bug starting in early September. MozCast measured temperatures of 99°F on September 29th and 30th, and detected dips in indexed pages on September 23rd and 29th. Last week we saw some signs of a Google search ranking update Read more:

Google Glitch

SEOs reported massive ranking changes for a few hours on August 10, which then seemed to disappear. Google later confirmed a glitch in their indexing systems. MozCast registered 97°F the following day (August 11), but it's unclear if this event was related. If you see massive Google organic search traffic changes ...

Google May 2020 Core Update

Google announced another Core Update (the second of 2020), which caused heavy rankings flux from about May 4-6. Peaking at 113°, it measured on MozCast as the second-highest Core Update after the August 2018 "Medic" update. Google has given advice on what to consider if you are negatively impacted Read more:

Google Featured Snippet De-duping

Google announced that URLs in Featured Snippets would no longer be appearing as traditional organic results, in line with Google's philosophy that a Featured Snippet is a promoted organic result. This had significant implications for rank-tracking and organic CTR. At a glance, you can see which keywords displayed a featured snippet. Read ...

Google January 2020 Update

Google rolled another core update, with MozCast showing heavy flux across three days and a high temperature of 97°F, in line with the previous three core updates (but smaller than the August 2018 "Medic" core update). While not all named updates are measurable, all of the recent core updates have generated ...

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