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CMS Training with Attwater Group

This week we held a bespoke CMS (ThuleCMS) training session with the employees at the Attwater Group.

This was following the successful launch of the new Attwater Group website, which Thule Media has re-designed and re-developed using our bespoke CMS (ThuleCMS) technology.

The ThuleCMS provides a wide range of benefits including ease of use, bespoke modifications, advanced features, speed (stremlined coding), advanced SEO, responsive layout and more.

The initial brief was to rebuild and redevelop the Attwater website using a bespoke CMS (Content Management System) that also provided additional (bespoke) functionality. This bespoke website redevelopment would then align with a new website design and search engine optimisation strategy moving forward.

Additional Information
For more information about the Attwater Group please visit:

For more information about the ThuleCMS please visit:


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