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Google December 2022 Helpful Content Update

Google’s December 2022 Helpful Content Update, which began on December 5, 2022, and concluded its rollout by January 12, 2023, marked a significant enhancement to the Helpful Content System. This system aims to prioritise content that is genuinely useful to users over content created solely for SEO purposes. The update introduced improvements to the system’s classifier and expanded its language support globally, affecting content in all languages. As a result, websites might have observed changes in their traffic and rankings depending on the helpfulness and quality of their content.

Key Features of the December 2022 Update:

  • Global Impact: For the first time, the update affected content in all languages, extending its reach beyond English. This global application ensures that the system’s goals are consistent across different linguistic contexts.
  • Enhanced Classifier: The update included improvements to the classifier used by Google to distinguish between content created primarily for search engines and content designed for human readers. This enhancement aims to better identify and promote helpful, high-quality content.
  • Additional Signals: With the December 2022 update, Google introduced new signals or adjustments to existing ones, although specific details about these signals were not disclosed. These changes are part of Google’s ongoing efforts to refine its ability to identify truly useful content.

Impact and Recovery

Websites that were negatively affected by the update were advised to evaluate their content critically. The focus should be on removing unhelpful or low-quality content and enhancing the presentation and organisation of useful content. Recovery from the update’s impact could require patience, as it might take some time for Google’s classifier to recognise and adjust to the changes made.

Advice for Website Owners

To improve or maintain rankings after the update, website owners should prioritise creating content that is valuable and helpful to users. This includes demonstrating firsthand expertise and experience, and ensuring content answers the searcher’s needs in a unique and meaningful way. It’s also recommended to avoid relying heavily on AI-generated content that lacks depth or relevance to the topic.


The December 2022 Helpful Content Update by Google represents a significant step towards enhancing the quality of content available online. By prioritising content that provides genuine value to users, Google continues to refine its search results, making them more useful and relevant. Website owners are encouraged to align their content strategies with these goals to achieve better visibility and rankings in Google’s search results.

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