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Composite Materials, Industrial Laminates & Composite Tubes by Attwater & Sons Ltd & Custom Composites Ltd

The Attwater Group teams include some of the UK's most highly respected technical experts creating products that have been used in countless applications, from trams to white goods, cars, aeroplanes and power generation.

Attwater help their customers' products and businesses advance. They aren't just a supplier. They are a partner in everything from development to production. Attwater strongly believe in ‘progress through innovation' which is just as important to their client's businesses as it is to their own. They are confident it's why they are still market leaders today.

For over 100 years, the Attwater Group has taken pride not just in the innovation of what they do, but the way they do it.


The initial brief was to rebuild and redevelop the Attwater website using a bespoke CMS (Content Management System) that also provided additional (bespoke) functionality. This bespoke website redevelopment would then align with a new website design and search engine optimisation strategy moving forward.

The bespoke content management facility has many features including optimised website structure, optimised coding, bespoke product management, bespoke category management, bespoke datasheet creation facilities and a comprehensive page management facility.

It was important that the new website design and layout aligned with the current Attwater Group publications and media, as well as be modern in look and feel, use the latest coding (HTML5 & CSS3), be mobile friendly (responsive design) and integrate with the bespoke content management system.

Services Provided

- Website Design

- Website Development

- Bespoke CMS



- Full responsive (mobile friendly) design

- Bespoke product management

- Bespoke category management

- Bespoke datasheet creation

- Bespoke content management features

- Optimised page management facility

- Optimised code structure

- Optimised website structure

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