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Jorgus Carpets manufacture and supply high quality residential and commercial carpets. They recognise that wool carpet adds a touch of luxury to any room. This could be your home, your office, your hotel or your restaurant. Their aim is to supply customers with a large range of high quality, British made carpets.

Jorgus Carpets are renowned for producing high quality British made carpets for homes, residents, landlords, offices and other commercial outlets across the UK. Their speciality is manufacturing quality carpets made from the finest 80/20 wool/nylon mix. This produces carpets that are stunning to look at, hard wearing, resilient, yet soft to touch.


The brief was to design, develop and implement a new website design that fitted with the companies vision and current competition, aswell as being responsive (mobile friendly), appealing in design, optmised in terms of usability and optmised coding. It was also important that the new website also performs in terms of SEO and conversions.

The new website and previous website has been developed with the support of our own bespoke Content Management System (CMS) solution, which is far superior in terms of bespoke modification and optimisation compared to standard open source CMS solutions.

Services Provided

- Website Design

- Website Development

- Bespoke CMS



- Optmised structure and code

- Bespoke page management facility

- Comprehensive news facility

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