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Google Penalty recovery has become a common requirement for many online businesses across the UK over the last 3/4 years. Google Penalties (particularly related to content and backlink portfolios) have been caused by poor SEO or black hat SEO tactics either implemented by a client or by an agency on behalf of a client.

Many online businesses in the UK may be unaware that they have fallen foul to Google Penalties and as a result may have lost search rankings, lost traffic and lost conversions/sales. We have helped numerous businesses in Lancashire and across the UK recover from Google Penalties that have been caused by other agencies.

Penalty Recovery Brief

Google Penalty recovery briefs vary from client to client, as the depth of work is determined by the Google Penalty type, the severity of the Google Penalty and number of Google Penalties. Beyond the Google Penalty recovery process our philosophy is to implement a new organic and sustainable SEO strategy that is designed to reduce the risk of future Google Penalties and deliver increased Google rankings, increased traffic and increased conversions/sales.

We only use, promote and implement safe SEO strategies and we do NOT implement, promote or condone the use of any quick gains that could have a negative impact on our clients website in the long term i.e. causing a Google penalty.

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