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Unlike most law firms and commercial solicitors, Trust Mr Finch offer a pioneering service to business owners when dealing with legal matters. The legal sector is heavily dominated with an “old school” approach to providing legal advice, enforcing hourly rate billing and 9-5pm working hours.

Trust Mr Finch are different. They don’t charge hourly rates. They don’t work 9-5pm. They work to suit you.

They provide legal services to businesses of all sizes from small and medium to large across Lancashire and Manchester. For more information please visit:


The brief was to rebuild and redevelop the Trust Mr Finch website with focus on functionality, conversion and optimisation. The new development would ensure the website is more user friendly with  improved conversion and optimisation.

The website design had to align with the existing branding and colour scheme, as well as be mobile friendly (responsive website design) and feature a visual page editor. A full overhaul on the onsite SEO was carried out as part of the redevelopment.

Services Provided

- Website Design

- Website Development

- Onsite Optimisation

Offsite Optimisation


- Full responsive (mobile friendly) design

- WordPress CMS

- Optimised website structure

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