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copywriting & content

Precision Copywriting & Content Optimisation


Copywriting & Content

High Quality and relevant copywriting is one of the most important factors in terms of successful online marketing. Having unique, relevant, useful content not only increases customer conversion (i.e. contact form submissions, phone calls or purchases), it can also make a large contribution to your online presence with the search engines.

At Thule Media we offer professional copywriting services for clients in Lancashire and across the UK. We can work with and refine existing copy/content or we can start from scratch and write new content for your business.

Content Optimisation

Having well written, unique, relevant and large volumes of content can give your online presence a real boost in terms of customer conversion, search engine optimisation and competitor edge. High quality and relevant content is a key factor for the popular search engines (including Google), it is common knowledge that good content optimisation can be the difference between ranking above or below your competitors in the search engines.

We offer professional content optimisation services to clients in Lancashire and across the UK. We have developed our content optimisation skills over 15 years and have perfected the art of developing optimised content that is unique, relevant and high quality. We can work with existing content, start from scratch and work with any industry from plumbing and building trades to professional services and industrial engineering.


effective copywriting

Our copywriting services are based on basic principles that can give your online presence the edge in terms of SEO and Conversion. Our principles are unique content (not duplicated), content placement (ensure content is used in the optimal location), relevant content (industry relevant content that the customer can engage with) and optimised content (easy for the search engines to analyse). Contact us for more information.


Our copywriting and content optimisation services vary between projects, our services are bespoke to our clients needs. Our services range from current content analysis and new article writing up to 1000+ page content re-write optimisation and bulk news and blog production.

For us no content optimisation or copywriting project is too small or too large. All work taken on is completed to perfection, completed on time and completed on budget. For more information about Thule Media, about our copy writing services or for a quote, simply give us a quick phone call or fill in our contact form.


  • Competitor edge
  • Reduced bounce rate

  • Improved time spent on site

  • Improved brand engagement

  • Increased conversions

  • Access new markets
  • Improve social media presence

  • Influence SEO

  • Reach a wide audience


  • Website content

  • Product descriptions

  • Optimisation of all aspects of content

  • SEO article writing

  • Email newsletter content

  • Blog updates

  • Social media content
  • Optimised PR content

  • Multilingual content

  • Multilingual SEO

Why Us
Why Us

You do NOT have to be a 'Rocket Scientist' but it's always helpful to know one!


Data led digital Marketing Specialists

A team of engineers, mathematicians, marketeers and programmers, with a wealth of experience in digital marketing, SEO and software development.


Humble Surroundings & Cost Effective Solutions

Based in Chorley in the heart of Lancashire, with offices situated next to the Leeds & Liverpool canal. All our staff are local to Chorley and surrounding areas.


20+ Years Of Digital Marketing Experience

Thule Media take real pride in the fact we have been providing successful digital marketing and software development services to clients across the UK for over 20+ years.

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