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Traffic Recovery

Regain The Lead & Recover Your Traffic


Traffic Recovery Services

We have recovered traffic and rankings on behalf of numerous clients across the UK . We have recovered a large number of websites that have been effected by a Google Penalty. Google Penalties can come in various shapes and sizes often stemming from the abuse of content or a websites backlinks.

Once recovered, our team have then provided clients  with a clear organic digital marketing strategy that will help them to avoid any future penalties.

Traffic Recovery Types

Common traffic loss causes include:

  • Backlink Abuse: Google Penguin penalty recovery
  • Content Abuse: Google Panda penalty recovery
  • Contact/Backlink Abuse: Google Phanteguin (Phantom) penalty recovery


Thule Media cannot only identify common losses of traffic and search engine rankings, we can timeline your websites organic traffic and search engine rankings and pinpoint particular Google penalties and updates that may have had a negative impact on you websites.


Traffic & Ranking Loss Analysis

Thule Media have been offering successful digital marketing (including search engine optimisation) services for over 20 years, we even started out building our own search engines. This gives us a unique edge when it comes to understanding search engines, optimising websites, analysing data, implementing digital strategies and recovering websites from Google Penalties. For more information about our Google Penalty Recovery services or for a FREE analysis report on your website, simply give us a quick phone call or fill in our contact form.

Lost Traffic? Contact us for FREE traffic recovery check

At Thule Media we are considered the experts in Lancashire, Manchester, the North West and the UK when it comes to diagnosing website traffic losses, search engine ranking losses and Google penalties. We can not only recover websites, we can plan and strategise on behalf of our clients to ensure they avoid any potential traffic losses.

Our Google penalty recovery and manual penalty removal services can vary in terms of depth of analysis, strategy, timescales and cost, based on the penalty type and severity of penalty.


traffic recovery

Thule Media have an in-depth knowledge of search engines, a unique background in terms of mathematics, engineering, data analysis and building search engines. This means Thule Media are able to offer Search Engine Optimisation services and Google Penalty Recovery services to clients in Preston, Manchester, Lancashire, London and the rest of the UK, that offers REAL ROI. We have a large client portfolio, a raft of great testimonials, a large selection of case studies and can handle any size of SEO or Recovery project. For more information contact us.


  • Traffic recovery

  • Ranking recovery
  • Increased enquiries

  • Increased sales
  • Future penalty guidance
  • Specialist consultancy
  • Refined digital marketing strategy
  • Great return on investment


  • Traffic analysis
  • Web presence analysis

  • Manual link removal

  • Link disavow submission
  • Re-structure marketing strategy

  • Google penalty recovery (panda & penguin)
  • Recovery reporting

  • Recovery consultancy
Why Us
Why Us

You do NOT have to be a 'Rocket Scientist' but it's always helpful to know one!


Data led digital Marketing Specialists

A team of engineers, mathematicians, marketeers and programmers, with a wealth of experience in digital marketing, SEO and software development.


Humble Surroundings & Cost Effective Solutions

Based in Chorley in the heart of Lancashire, with offices situated next to the Leeds & Liverpool canal. All our staff are local to Chorley and surrounding areas.


20+ Years Of Digital Marketing Experience

Thule Media take real pride in the fact we have been providing successful digital marketing and software development services to clients across the UK for over 20+ years.

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