Analytics Data Analysis & Reporting

At Thule Media, we live, breath & sleep analytics data, web activity data, conversion data, sales data, market data, keyword research data and paid listing data. We can analyse data from a multitude of sources including Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, SEM Rush, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising Manager and more. Online marketing data analysis carries many benefits including customer interaction, customer behavior, goal conversion analysis, market trends, competitor trends and spotting potential opportunities.

Make The Most Of Your Data

We have helped numerous clients across Lancashire and the UK, reap the rewards from analysing and understanding their online data. Benefits include spotting potential market opportunities or gaps, improving website design based on customer behavior analysis, improving a websites conversion based on the goal flow analysis and/or improving the content across the website. For more information about Thule Media, about our online marketing services or about our data analysis services, simply give us a quick phone call or fill in our contact form.

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Why Thule Media?

Thule Media have a strong background in engineering, mathematics, statistics and marketing, which makes us ideal when it comes to data handling, data interpreting, data analysis and data reporting for online marketing data on behalf of our clients.

For more information about Thule Media or our data analysis services, simply call us or fill in our contact form.

The benefits:

  • Improved market knowledge
  • Improved competitor knowledge
  • Improved customer behavior knowledge
  • Potential to spot opportunities
  • Easy to read data sheets and reports

What we can offer:

  • Conversion goal set-up & analysis
  • Goal funnels set-up & analysis
  • Split testing via Adwords
  • Split testing via email
  • Split testing via site
  • Multivariate testing
  • Identify market gaps
  • Identify behavioural patterns
  • Trend monitoring

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